Operators and Expressions in C

Operators are elements which joins two or more tokens like variables , constants , array elements etc forming an expression.

The elements on which operator are applied are called as operands and the process is termed as operation .

for example :

sum = A+B ;

In above example sum , A  ,B are operands and  +  , = are operators where = is assignment operator and + is arithmetic operator.

Above whole line is termed as Expression . Expression is a line of code in C which can perform certain task.

Some operator acts upon two or more operands where as some acts on single operand.

Types of operator

1. Arithmetic operators

2.Unary operators

3. Relational And Logical operator

4. Assignment operator

5. Conditional operator

6. Size of operator

These all operators are classified according to their work like arithmetic operators such as + - perform arithmetic operations , unary does single operand operation like ++ increment or -- decrement.

similarly logical and relational operator compares operands like >= or > or < etc.
we will read all these operators in details in respective articles.

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