Escape sequence in C with examples

Escape sequence is combination of backward slash followed by one or more character which perform specific task. 

Like /n represent newline and where ever compiler finds /n it move to new line.

There are many escape sequences in C and they are given in the table below

Character Escape Sequence
New line \n
Horizontal Tab \t
Vertical Tab \v
Quotation Mark \"
Apostrophe \'
Backslash \\
Question Mark \?
Backspace \b
Bell Alert \a
Form Feed \f
Carriage Return \r
Null \0

Where to use these Escape sequence ?

well the use of escape sequence is very frequent in C like you have to change lines using \n . By default all the text output using printf function will be displayed in single line. 

Also horizontal tab can be used for better formatting of output . 

Bell alert can be used in case of error message display .

Question mark can be used in questions and  sometime apostrophe and quotation may be required.

so you can use these escape sequence as per need . Some used code is given below you can copy and run that code in codeblock or mobile C



Escape sequence in c

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