C / C++ compiler for android

In order to run C / C++ program in Android phone you will need C / C++ compiler for Android operating system there are many compilers available in the Play Store for C and C++  but I prefer two of these :

1. Mobile C

2. Coding C

You can download anyone of these . Even among them i prefer Mobile C.

Steps for downloading Mobile C

Step 1 : Go to Google play store and search for Mobile c and you will see options like this.

Step 2 : Click on Mobile C option And then you will see like this.

Step 3 : Click on the install button then you will be asked to accept some terms and conditions and after that install will start , After few minutes  app will be downloaded. 
Then just click on it to open and you will see like this 

Step 4 : In above picture there is an icon for creating new file at the  top left corner just click on it (on file not on folder) and you will see something like this.

Step 5 : Enter file name and then enter following code or hello world code below. 
This code is given in next page Click Here and copy it  from copy button.

Step 6 : Now save it through save button icon at top right corner on left of setting icon. And Then click on run icon right most icon from menu bar just above "0" key . And program will run and display result as below.

In  order to download coding C just go to Google Play Store app and search for coding C.  you can use either Mobile C or Coding C or other compiler ,  the process to run program will be same , create a file , write code ,save it and run it . Thats it.

Below is picture of Coding C app on playstore.

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