What is C programming ?

 C is general purpose ,high level  structured programming language. It was developed by Dennis Ritchie at Bell Telephone Laboratories.

It is high level in the sense that it uses terms of algebraic expressions , English keywords such as if , else , for do , while etc.

It is structured which means it supports small packets of program called function  which can be written once and used alot of time repeatedly. A bunch of code which we need to write many times can be made as a function  and it can be called whenever necessary.

C is similar to other high level structured language such as Fortran , Pascal But it also contains additional features which can be used at lower level hence it works as bridge between machine level language and high level language.

C is used to  for system programming like operating system as well as application software like payroll system , billing system.
Another very important feature of C is that it is portable due to ANSI standard so software made with c can run on all platforms like windows , Mac OS , Linux and hence it is platform independent .

Advantages of learning C

  • C is first step for programming so learning c will help you to learn other languages like C++ , Java , python.

  •  It is portable and versatile so  it can be used to write any kind of software across all platforms like Windows ,Mac OS ,Linux.

  • It is very powerful , fast and takes less time for operations.


It doesn't support OOPs , object oriented programming and hence for large application its creates problems while  debugging but in later release C++ has  OOPs.

C++ is extension of C language It support class and object concept and hence It is also called as C with classes .

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