C / C++ compiler dowload for Windows

In order to run c or c++ in windows operating system  you will need an IDE called codeblock and this is completely free to download and use. First of all you should know word length of  your computer's processor i.e 32 bits ot 64 bits. Then go to codeblocks.org  and then downloads / binary releases  , you can go there simply clicking here . Binary releases for windows .

There you will see alot of options but for 64 bits download  "codeblocks-20.03mingw-setup.exe" and for 32 bits "codeblocks-20.03mingw-32bit-setup.exe" . You can check word length from about pc section in settings.

 Note that we need mingw which is compiler and setup.exe

After clicking download link , download will start and it will take few minutes depending upon your internet speed.


Now after download is finished go to downloads and double click on exe file of codeblock and a prompt will appear like this .

Then click on next and   next  all the way up to install.

click on install and let it get installed and if you found any button  asking for permission then give it and also if there is next just click next. After all the installation is finished , something like this will appear.

Then click on file  which is on top left corner and new / file .

Then there will appear a window like below.

Just click on c/c++ source file and keep on moving then there will be a window to choose file name and location . Just enter file name as helloworld and location as desktop like below

After that click on next and then a blank C file will appear.

Now you are going to write your first program in C in that file for that just Click here and copy helloworld code by clicking copy button and paste in that blank file like below.

Now just save it by clicking ctrl + s and then click on " build " from menu like below

After that click on run from the menu like below

Then you will a black screen printed with hello world . Congratulations you have successfully run your first  program in C. 
That black screen is shown below.

From now you can use same process for creating new file , writing code and running it. 

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